Fun88 Affiliate - Best Affiliate Program in India

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FUN88 Affiliate Program

Fun88 affiliate program is a partnership program which offers best affiliates payouts and is free to join. Simply refer customer to Fun88 and you can earn lucrative income based on the wagering activity of players.

What Is Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a strategic cooperation relationship between you and Fun88. To put it simply, it is a cooperation program from which you gain returns and dividends in accordance with the stakes your referred players have laid down. The more players you refer, and the more stakes they lay down, the more profits you will get.

Why FUN88 Affiliate Program?

You can earn lucrative income up to 40% commission based on company winnings.

User friendly and informative affiliate websites for you to check your performance, reporting tools to study and grow your business and download marketing tools.

Accurate and detailed reporting tools with graphical display can give a complete picture of variety of indexes such as affiliate process, commission, number of members and more.

Fun88 provides diverse of visual marketing tools for downloading, such as elaborately designed banners in size, odds supply systems and write-ups.

How To Make Profits In FUN88 Affiliate Program?

Firstly, open an affiliate account as required. Please click here to start your registration, your application will be soon approved as long as the submitted information is accurate and complete. And you will get an affiliate account for free. Then, log in our partner interface and start your business. A unique code will distinguish the players you refer from those by other partners. Commission is paid to you according to the net profits the referred players produce.

How To Start FUN88 Affiliate Program?

A typical affiliate program is operated through constructing a website. Your unique code is contained in this website through which your visitors enter Fun88 website.

Not all affiliate partners own a website, though most affiliate programs are operated through it. So at Fun88, all will be under your control in designing your website. And all you have to do is to make best use of your talents and creativity to reach more players. Place ads on magazines and/or newspaper, send emails to members, or any other ways that will prove expeditious and efficient.

Please note: You are not supposed to send any emails to any members without their permission. Otherwise, your affiliate account will be terminated and any earnings are forfeited.


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